1) Summit Polymers   ( Elizabethtown )

Adam Zeigler


Wired plant from ground up

Wired  3 additions

Hooked up multiple equipment

Wired new multi-product paint booth


2) Yamamoto  ( Louisville )

Kelsey Westfall


Install new switchgear

Install new service to clutch line

Install new service to rack system

Hook up new conveyor

LED lighting upgrade



3) American Fuji Seal   ( Bardstown )

Roger Carter

Earl Kirkpatrick


Hook up new rotogravure press

Hook up new oxidizer

Hook up new still. ( explosion proof )

Relocate conversion room

Hook up rack system

Hook up new chiller

Hook up cooling tower

Hook up multiple equipment

LED Lighting Upgrade


4) American Fuji Seal  ( Indiana )

   Arnie Richardson


Install power ( clean room )

Hook up equipment. ( new pouch line )

Hook up multi  color press

Hook up heat tunnels










5 ) Precision Roller Bearing     ( Elizabethtown ) Drew Yonce


Wired plant from ground up

Hook up wash machines

Hook up  turret press

Hook up stamping press

Hook up multiple machinery

Install new service


6) Bel Brands    ( Leitchfield )

Kevin Pence


Wired multiple additions

Install 3 new services

Install all new plant feeders

Hook multiple machines

Wired new chillers


7 ) Inoac  ( Springfield )

   Cecil Marks


Relocated presses

Install power to chiller

Power to air compressor

Multiple projects

New Ford line

New foam line


8 ) Climate Control

Glenn Ward


Multiple projects


New Roof top units


New construction


9 )  Veolia  ( Elizabethtown )

T.J. Merideth


Multiple projects

New chillers

New control cabinets

New construction

Micro-filtration VFD upgrade